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Testing & Services

Testing, Measurement and Commissionind Services

Europower Enerji offers calibrating, laboratory and field testing services for even the most complex electrical HV-MV-LV generation, transmission and distribution systems all around the world.

Routine tests and type-tests for equipment up to nominal voltage of 245kV (up to 1200kV BIL and 500kV at power frequency) are carried out in the internationally accredited independent high voltage testing laboratory of Europower Enerji located in our factory campus, which is certified with the TS EN ISO/IEC – 17025:2012 quality assurance certificate by TÜRKAK – member of ILAC in Turkey. (Accreditation No: AB-0517-T).

In addition to the laboratory tests, our experienced field test team offers field testing, commissioning and supervision services, equipped with the latest technology devices and technologies.

Laboratory Tests
• Lightning Impulse Voltage Test
• Power Frequency Dielectric Test
• Temperature Rise Test
• Measurement of the Main Circuit Resistance
• Mechanical and Environental Tests
• Verication of the IP Class
• Current and Voltage Injection Tests for the Protection
  Relays, Measurement and Conteol Systems
• Capacitance and Measurement of the tangent of the
  loss angle
• Voltage Turns Ratio Measurement
• Winding Resistance Test
• Partial Discharge Measurement
• Current and Voltage Harmonic Measurement
• Dielectric Test for Insulation Oils.

Field Tests
• Insulation Oil Tests
• Current Transformer Tests
• Potential Transformer Tests
• Power Transformer Tests
• Surge Arrester Tests
• Insulator Tests
• Circuit Breaker Tests
• Underground Cable Tests
• Busbar Tests
• Fuse Tests
• Testing of the Electrical Machines (up to 6,3kV)
• Capacitor Tests
• Grounding Measurement
• Step And Touch Potential
• Thermal Vision Measuement
• Protection Relay Tests
• Control and Measuerement Systems Tests

Measurement, Analysis and Reporting
of Electrical Power
• Current and Voltage Harmonics
• Reactive Power/Energy
• Voltage Quality (Voltage sags, voltage swells,
  interruptions, etc…)
• Flicker
Engineering and Commissioning Services
• Relay adjustment and coordination
• Voltage Regulation
• Feasiblity study
• Fault analysis, correction and prevention studies.
• Investigation, acceptance and control services.