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It is the policy of our company and our group to conduct business in a socially and environmentally ethical and responsible manner that aims sustainability in a micro and macro scale for our world. Emphasizing creative and innovative solutions for environmental practices and policies, we continuously try to empower our environmentalist vision and 'green' mentality.

We integrate environmental protection into every aspect of our business and comply with all related regulations without regard to the degree of enforcement or obligation.

We follow relevant standards with the right engineering approaches and risk management principles to ensure our environmental protection activities and policies are conducted responsibly, and we make sure that sufficient resources are ready and available for the goal.

We pro-actively work to conserve company and natural resources and minimize environmental impact by careful management of emissions, minimizing waste generation, careful waste management, minimising the use of non-sustainable resources, adopting a purchasing procedure taking into account environmental impacts, using appropriate technologies for the conservation of energy, and generally creating a corporate environmental awareness.

We ensure conformity with these environmental policies with trainings, internal/external audits and review of performance indicators. All employees in our company and our group are held responsible for compliance with all policies, procedures, practices and laws applicable to their duties.